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The chapel of St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Church Kattachira, near Kayamkulam in Kerala had been witnessing a miracle, since October 21, 2009. Aromatic oil, resembling tears, has been observed pouring out from the sacred eyes of St. Mary in a flex photograph placed inside the chapel. Although this aromatic oil, with a heavenly fragrance has been repeatedly wiped away, it’s continuously flowing out of this photograph.


Moreover, since November 21, 2009 aromatic oil has also been observed emerging from the Holy Qurbana Taksa held in the chapel’s madbaha. Similar oil has also been observed flowing from the Holy Cross placed near the photo and the Apostolic Bull of H.H Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, declaring the chapel as a Global Marian Pilgrim Centre.


The Holy Qurbana and intercessory prayers are being held in the chapel on a daily basis where pilgrims from all parts of India are thronging to seek refuge at the lap of Mother Mary. Many non-residents, who visit Kerala during their vacation, also make a bee line to visit and offer their prayers at the chapel.


Although H.H the Patriarch has shown keen interest to visit this church, ill health is holding him back. However, rationalists have opined that more investigations are necessary to establish the source and the nature of this aromatic oil.


Rev. Fr Roy George, Vicar of the chapel says: “So far we have collected 62 bottles of oil from the photos, the cross and the taksa, which are kept inside the madbaha. Early morning when the chapel is opened for the Holy Qurbana, one can feel the fragrance at its peak. Many pilgrims, from far and wide, are coming over to pray here and get blessed.”


With the declaration of The St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Church Kattachira as a Global Marian Pilgrim Centre, more tourists and pilgrims are expected to visit the chapel and hence the church area is now witnessing massive expansion work to accommodate them.


Holy Muron Sacrament of Renowated Chapel

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Holy Muron Sacrament of the renowated chapel at Kattachira Marian Pilgrimage Center will be held on October 20th 2012 under the leadership of various Metropolitans of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church. The date marks the 3rd anniversary since the miracle has occurred at the church. Various charitable programs will also be initiated marking the 3rd anniversary. All are invited for the Holy Muron Sacrament.